The Definition of Sports


The definition of Sports is the pursuit of an athletic or recreational goal under known circumstances. A recognised organisational structure oversees the activities and determines the rules. This gives the sport an air of structure and formality. It can be a highly competitive activity with a high stakes. In the USA, many sports leagues are formed. Many of these leagues offer sports programming on network television and cable television. The Olympics in 1984 were an aesthetic and financial success, and spurred the development of sports programming and sponsorship.

While this aesthetic element is still present in many sports, the emphasis on quantitative achievement and efficiency has changed. The transition from Renaissance to modern sports can be seen in the change in the semantics of the word “measure.” At one time, the word measure referred to a sense of balance or proportion. Later, it came to refer to numerical measurements. Athletes now compete against each other to establish records and compete for titles. For example, a boxer’s hat-trick in a boxing match is scored against an opponent who has a lowered hand in a game of tennis.

In the 20th century, sports became more diverse in terms of geography and social status. Women were finally able to compete in sports that were traditionally considered male. In Australia, Aboriginal people were given the right to participate in sports, and African Americans gained the right to compete in traditionally male-dominated activities. And in South Africa, the “Cape Coloureds” won the right to participate in a sport that was once considered exclusively male. During this time, sports became more inclusive of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities.